How Social Media effect Us and Women in Particular


Here is a confession; I dislike Social media. Don’t get me wrong, I have used and have been an active user of all the popular social media out there today. I still love to Instagram and read tweets but I always end up wondering what the hell am I doing this for?

Why do we make these posts? what purpose does this serve other than making us feel good about ourselves? Does it matter in the long term? After using Facebook for about an year, I deactivated my account. I was sharing far too much information than necessary and in those days people were still getting a hang out of it.

It was basically an invasion of my privacy by myself. Is that even possible? I see others constantly posting new pictures, a husband wishing his wife or a mother wishing her kids online. I mean what the hell?

Your kids may not even know what you have said if they are below a certain age and why is it so important to share each and everything on social media?

Are we compelled to do so? by peer pressure? My neighbour is doing it and so should I? I get the entertainment value of sharing. Happiness doubles when you share, I get that.

There is some chemical that is released in us when we feel a rush of happiness as the number of ‘likes’ increase. It is almost like a replacement for the real world love. Don’t we feel the same when we share in real life instead of a virtual one? Are we really creating an ideal world online which is not possible to maintain offline?

Courtesy: BusinessInsider

I still prefer blogging to these so called platforms where people just say one sentence, their “Statement” and that is it. Go figure. Today Social Media has provided us a platform to present our views in just 140 characters – that is all and well but is it possible to actually take them all seriously? Do they give it some thought before voicing their opinion which one can do while blogging?

I have read that using Social media is akin to taking drugs because it has the same effect. Once you get hooked it takes a lot to remove it from your system. Believe me I do feel the urge now and then to open my Facebook account and go ballistic but I remind myself the after effects and back off.

One other thing I keep reminding myself is how Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire by starting a platform that is of no use to people. I mean why can’t we individually provide something else to the world which is far more meaningful? or should we just use Facebook like zombies? Like we are in some ‘programme’?

Keeping in touch with your friends is one of the biggest reason people use Facebook or to share important news, to stay updated – are we really doing that? We love to increase our friends but how many are actually in touch with these number of friends?

In fact we are always talking to around fifteen to twenty people in our daily life –  they are the ones that matter. Imagine using Facebook or twitter to communicate with the very people in your house. Hilarious uh?

I have noticed whenever something controversial happens or a tragedy people condemn it on Facebook – like really? thats all you can do? The excuse is always that we are at least voicing our opinion, making a difference. But is that truly enough? it sounds almost shallow.  You might say the same about blogging, but that’s exactly my point.


Few months back, there was a news about a girl who was masturbated onto by a man in a stadium. I checked her Facebook profile where she had posted the same. Almost all men had branded her a liar. Some women too. That she did it for the attention.

Maybe she did. But does that make plights of such women any less? If you can’t differentiate between what’s right and wrong then do you really have the authority to make a decision? Something similar had happened in a railway station too, this time with ‘proof’ in the form of a video.

One of the biggest drawbacks in social media is that it allows men to attack women without any consequences unless you threaten them with something lethal or post something obscene.

Women are constantly bombarded with friend requests, messages or other requests for many unwanted needs. I have heard of horror stories of women who use the social app Tinder. How they receive hate messages because they rejected someone. I mean why?



I do feel for the men. They too are playing a part that society has envisioned for them. It’s equally hard for them to fit into a mould. But if these men don’t speak up then who will? Today if we women are making our voices heard despite the backlash is because any animal who has been corned will try to fight back one last time.

It isn’t natural that we have to fight for something that is normal. We are all responsible for ourselves, what we need and what we do. All we need to do is try. Don’t let anybody decide for you. In the end this life is yours and you alone can live it. Do what makes you happy.

Women need to use Social media to make a better world for ourselves. To encourage each other and to pull each other up. We can’t depend on men to do it for us, if they had bothered then our plight would have reduced long time ago. The problem is with the ‘good’ men who do nothing to make a difference. It includes the men we know in our lives.

Hence, it is better to focus on what we want and to develop it in a positive manner. The concept of ‘HeforShe’ is an excellent start but many men feel it is an attempt to marginalise them. The real attempt should be He&She for Us.

One thing that’s for sure though when it comes to social media and women’s rights is that every single one of us can get involved. Lets use Social Media for the right reasons and not just to show off.



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