A Monster Named Insecurity

Today morning, when I woke up I wasn’t feeling my best. In fact, the feeling was mostly because of some dreams I had. Lately I keep having dreams where am either in an embarrassing situation or meeting people from the past who I have no inclination to see.

Everyone feels insecure. Everyone. I am sure you too have felt it sometime or the other. The thing about insecurity is that it comes unexpectedly. We maybe having a really good time and Bam! it comes smiling in your head for no reason.


I keep asking my ‘inner voice’ why are you torturing me by reminding me of the things I rather forget. And pat comes the reply – “you conjured me up and you need to deal with it yourself first, I am just a reflection”. Well screw you Mr.Insecurity. I don’t need you to remind me further I need to deal with my own baggage first let alone hover above me, taunting me.

But then think about it. It is the truth. We often feel insecure because we have some unwanted emotions still lingering in us. Some experiences leave a mark on us – for better and sometimes for the worst.

When I was younger, I was blissfully unaware of my insecurity. How I would love to still be in that frame of mind. But past your twenties, it keeps gnawing on you, chipping away whatever confidence you have. It just keeps coming back now and then to haunt you. Like a poltergeist.

I just want to tell others out there, that it is all right to feel insecure once in a while. It’s what keeps us resilient. Keeps us humble.

There is no doubt about the fact that it is our early experiences in life that forms this insecurity. It’s what the voice keeps nagging us with. If only there was a mute button cause honestly I don’t give a f**k about those experiences today. Still it would be nice if we could have dealt with it more confidently uh?


So what can we do to make ourselves feel better when we are under the attack of insecurity monsters?

  • Smile. Yes. One of the effective ways is to smile and pretend you are happy no matter what. It’s like the Dementors in the potter series. Think of a happy memory and tell yourself everything is alright. Soon you will begin to feel it. Try it.


  • Meditate – I cannot emphasise on this enough. This is a way to let your thoughts be free. Give them a free reign for a few minutes so they can stop controlling you. Listen to your thoughts and don’t judge them. Let them flow. Take in deep breaths for around fifteen minutes.


  • Forgive and Accept – The past is the past. It can no longer do anymore damage than it has. So keep it there and stop dragging it around. Forgive everything that caused you to feel like you do now and tell yourself that you are good enough. Who cares about what others think of you? They maybe going through the exact thing as you are and is probably putting you down to make themselves feel better. But you are smarter than that, right? So accept yourself as you are and let go of everything else. Life is short enough and we don’t need others to make us feel miserable.


I feel so much better just by sharing this with you. Of course this is another way to deal with such emotions but maybe not for everyone? As long as we know what we are capable of and are okay with it, screw the rest of the world. What matters is our happiness, and that’s what we need to focus on.

What are your thoughts on it?



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