Why do we Blog and Should You?


To begin with there are lots of blogs on the internet. Some are for business, some are personal, yet there are those who use it in private and one’s that are used for promotional purposes.

The reason I use blogging is for a creative outlet. I love writing. For me it is therapeutic just like cooking/baking is for others (I do love baking). Anyhoo, it is always important to know why we blog.

There are many who have made blogging as a career and kudos to them right. It isn’t easy to be inspired everyday and actually sit and write something. Give it a try and you will know what I mean.

I constantly ask myself this question – why am I blogging? I need to keep reminding myself that I love sharing what I have to say cause otherwise keeping a private journal will do too. You don’t really have to blog just cause you like writing alone.

I love reading other peoples views. Sharing and understanding their point of views. Its what makes the blogging community so wonderful to be a part off. It’s like a little world of our own.

A blog can be about anything. Business, hobbies, some talent/skill that you have. You can always create a platform for yourself before the world comes to know of you. These days, YouTube plays a huge role in advancing ones talent cause lets face it far more people spend their time browsing videos than they do blogs. It is easier to get your attention and you don’t have to spend your energy reading something.

Thankfully, there are still people out there who like to read and jot things down. Blogging is as relevant today as it was when it first started.

images3.jpegSo that brings me to the question of should you blog? Yes and I mean why not? It is a great way to share what you think, your opinions and to inspire others. These days we even have Quora or Twitter to make your views heard but I find it to be quiet shallow and not really helpful in the longterm.

One needs to be clear on why they are making a point and what it means to them. Just typing 140 characters doesn’t bail you out. And Quora is a closed community. You can only view them if you are a member and yet the questions are very rhetoric mostly, but yes there are many helpful ones – no doubt about that.

But one has to understand that blogging is a completely different platform and no one else can provide what it does. Your own unique voice and that matters. Some of the things one must consider if you do decide to blog is that:

  • Be consistent – Nobody likes to follow a blog where random posts about random topics are made. At least try to find your own niche/passion before you start blogging and post twice or more in a week.


  • It is a great way to keep writing. For writers it is a boon. You can always share what you write, gain feedback and improve yourself. There is no better way to have an engaging reader base than blogging.


  • Among many things maintaining a blog is a healthy habit. It can lead to discipline. More coherency in your ideas and even inspire others to become a better version of themselves. Besides its free and who knows what adventures it can lead you to.


So yeah, there you have it. Three simple reasons on if you should blog. I know many who try and give up early and thats cause you set such a high bar right from the beginning. It is not a race and there is no finish line here. Take your time, enjoy the process, unleash your creativity and just have fun.

Share your experience on blogging!