Confessions of a Closet Writer #1


This is not a series am attempting to begin here. Though that would be fun huh? I just had to to share my fears as a writer cause I know am not alone. Besides sharing is caring and I would love to hear from others who maybe going through the same emotion as am.

The thing is when I was younger, I used to love reading. But till about the age of ten -twelve what I read was the Archie comics. I have to say thats where my whole English knowledge even began. I was constantly on it once I was back from school. I had a membership in a nearby library and there was this whole section dedicated just to comic books and three-fourth of it was just for Archie comics.

Once I crossed to teenage, despite my love for the comics my attention had turned towards romance particularly to the Harlequins romance series. I used to read them like till I was about sixteen? I couldn’t have enough of them (Apart from the Potter series of course).

So when I decided to start writing, it was inevitably about romance. The kind I fancied in my life. That’s how I began writing. For the longest time that’s all what I wrote and I have to say thats where it all stopped too.

Once I started college, my writing disappeared. I was no longer interested in writing. But I was still a voracious reader. I used to read thrillers, mysteries, sometimes biographies, Sci-fi or fantasy or whatever book I found interesting in the library.

What I feel most guilty about is the fact that I stopped reading for like three to four years. I was so interested in other activities which had nothing to contribute in my life but problems that reading took a back seat.


So the two most things I loved at one point in my life had almost vanished. It was made worser by the use of smartphones and tablets. I was hooked on to those too. I used to read ebooks but I love holding the hardcover/paperback, their smell is something else. In fact I have always wanted to have a library of my own. Something I hope will become true one day.

It is only in the last two years that I was finally able to start reading and get my zing back. Yet it took another long time for me to start writing which was towards the end of last year. I have to confess due to such a long gap, am not confident about writing. I feel am not good enough.

When I read certain blogs or books, am blown away thinking I could never write like that. In some ways I feel inadequate. Most of the time I badger myself for taking such a long time to realise that this is what I want and love. Everybody is gifted with some talent and this is mine and I took it for granted or wasn’t grateful enough about it that now I feel repentant.

But the good thing about Life is that it gives you second chances and maybe this is mine? Though am no expert at writing, I guess these are probably what I would advise to aspiring writers out there:

  • Write a lot. Anything. For yourself or if you feel like it, share. But keep writing.
  • When you are not writing – Read, like there is no tomorrow.
  • Find your own unique voice. That’s what sets you apart.

So yeah, glad to unload that part of me. But no one has just one confession to make, right? So what about you? what would you like to confess? Share your thoughts!