Big Little Lies


You can find my first impressions here: Big Little Lies – First Impression

This time I will be writing about both the series as well as the book. To begin with the book, its aptly written. The characters are so fleshed out and you have strong reactions to them, like you either hate them or love them. Wonderfully written, Big Little Lies is definitely worth a read. Those who have read it please review or post your opinions here: Book Club

Coming to the series, obviously there are many changes from the book to fit the series mini episodes yet, not much is different. The characters are spot on. Though I did wonder why they didn’t include Fred in it. Besides the obvious difference in climax which I think was better in the series, but we writers have a way to make things more dramatic on paper.

It is not a book/Tv series on whodunnit. It’s about these three women – Jane, Celeste and Madeline  two other side characters Bonnie and Renata. Each of them have their own quirks and thats what makes them human.

Some of the imagery in the show was too much at times, like jane constantly envisioning her run on the beach or someone trying to break-in to her house or others dreams. But I guess it was necessary to “show” how distraught they are in a short time unlike in the book where you have time to draw out these nuances.

It is a wonder how they summed it all up in just 7 episodes. I didn’t, to be honest, think it was just a one off mini series. I expected to have more seasons (ha!) but I was reading the book and watching it almost simultaneously, which I never do but I just had to check the writing and realised this was it.

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I think the reason we have come to like it so much, is cause we can relate to them. We all keep secrets, some are dark and some even darker. We all want to put our best face on and show the world what a perfect life we are leading. I don’t know why we do that, what kind of pressure that is. Just imagine how much we could accomplish if we spoke the truth and helped each other instead.

But no, we all strive for perfection. ‘There is nothing wrong with my life’. And thanks to social media we are even pressurised to “show” it. It is sad that we try to show a make- believe world that doesn’t exist, cause believe me the best things in life cannot be shared or ‘posted’ on social media. It just happens.

The other thing I liked about the story was how genuinely good every character in this book was trying to be. How they tried to help the other women in distress even though they had humongous personal differences. I think it is more of a fantasy since no one is that good to anybody. We like it cause we wish it existed in real life too. I mean how many of us can be really that good to an ex-husbands wife or how many of us will actually defend a woman we don’t like with an abusive husband? How many of us will actually do something when it matters?

It was almost like wish fulfillments. I mean there is nothing wrong in not been perfect. Nobody is but we pretend to be and in turn do nothing about it when it really matters. Another part is obviously the entertainment factor cause I guess home makers think of themselves as leading a boring life and here was a show that showed the dramatic side to them. It was a show about them and how hard everything is on the inside though everything looks perfect on the outside. Nobody knows how hard it is to keep up that facade.

Overall, both the book and the series is worth the watch. I highly recommend it. What I loved the most was the performances. Every character felt lived through. All the actors standout yet nobody is outperforming the other. For all we know they could be our next door neighbors and we were having a peek through their lives. So go ahead and enjoy the coming weekend binge watching Big Little Lies!




Big Little Lies – First Impression

I have to admit here, I am a huge admirer of Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. Yet when I first saw the trailer, I was not impressed. I felt like it was a series customised to suit their respective not-so-important careers in their late age. I admit that sounds so sexist. Of course, I love them both and I still watch their movies but It felt like an attempt to remain relevant.

Anyhoo, then I began hearing rave reviews and even watched one of Nicole’s interview on Ellen where as usual she praised her guests. I finally decided to check out what the deal was. Turns out it was a series based on a book titled – you guessed it right – Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty.

So I finally began watching it and am just on episode 3. So far am mighty impressed. I will follow up with a full review of the series once am done watching. But I loved their characters and it doesn’t reek of any need to gain attention.

I have decided to read the book and recommend it as the book of the week. We have a good weekend coming up and what more do you need but a good book to cozy up with?

Coming back to the series, it invokes the emotions any woman might be going through. Myself included. I guess thats why it strikes a chord among us women. It’s not just the main characters that make a mark but even the side characters too. Everyone feels alive in the series – know what I mean? Like you have seen them before? and don’t even get me started on the atmosphere – its a character on its own.

I highly recommend anyone who haven’t watched the series to catch up and share your views here. Enjoy!