My Two Cents


The other day, in fact a week ago one of our neighbours popped into our home. She is not really our neighbour but our neighbours daughter, who lives in the nearby town. Apparently she is looking after the house since her mom is out of station.

Among the small talks, there was one thing that caught my attention which if you look at it didn’t really have to but the fact that it got my attention is why I thought of sharing it with you.

Out of a random topic we began talking about visiting temples and about our religious inclination. It was just a causal mention not even the main topic we were talking about. What she said in response was that she is very progressive in her outlook and therefore isn’t very religious which in turn means she doesn’t visit temples and such on a routine. Of course what she does in her personal life is none of my concern but it got me thinking nevertheless.

Do people in our country – the educated and (so called) liberals think that been progressive and religious go hand in hand? Does becoming less religious mean you are more positive in your approach, that you are an elite of some sort? That you look down upon the ones who are religious?

Am not a religious person, never have been from the time I have been introduced to it. But I do consider myself a follower of Santana Dharma who does believe in its teaching. I don’t know why people of other religion go to their place of worship but to me in particular it is because of the peace I get from the energy in the temple. There is something different in its very air when you enter a temple and pray.

But being progressive has nothing to do with religion IMHO. I mean religion is a part of your identity not your outlook in life. Of course it can heavily influence your views and opinions and that’s where the problems lie. A religion which decides for you is dictatorship in my opinion.

I know our country is going through a so called religious awakening thanks to the ruling party but my point has nothing to do with politics but with beliefs. You can be both progressive and religious. It depends on how you view your beliefs.

To be progressive is not to be biased on the basis of caste, creed, sex or gender, place or religion etc. To treat everyone equally. To not let personal differences come in between your other commitments.


To be religious is to follow a particular faith which gives you satisfaction, an identity and a structure or a path in life. Every religion has a tipping point and no matter what each will reach theirs.

I don’t even want to start about been secular and religion, two different things stitched together by a party for their own selfish interest, almost ruining this country. This is about a personal belief, that’s all.

Believing your faith to be backwards is one of the downfall Hindu’s are facing today. I don’t know if it’s a British mentality thats still left behind or propagated by secularist but if one thinks so then they have no idea about their own faith and it is high time they study it before they begin critiquing it.

Yes certain customs are backward but it is the fault of the people who made them. Every place has its own custom and it is up to us to eradicate the bad ones, don’t blame religion for it.

If at all I have something to say, it is this: Nobody is going to respect you if you don’t respect yourself and similarly nobody is going to respect your religion or culture if you don’t respect it yourself. Change begins with you.



Dysfunctional Family #Kapoor&Sons

We have all seen them, maybe even have been a part of them. Of course there are extreme forms of dysfunctional families and am not talking about the extreme ones. We have seen it in Dekh Bhai Dekh, or American Tv series Modern Family or for that matter Arrested development.

A family is not complete without some of its members been a “little” over the top. I was inspired to write this post when I remembered about Kapoor and Sons movie. By now you must have understood how much a movie influences my thoughts. Am a huge movie buff but its not just entertainment I take it with me once its done. It’s an experience and good movies have a way to make you feel you were a part of that movie.

With Kapoor and Sons it was like actually been there and silently watching all these characters go through their performances.  It was too good.

kapoor-and-sons-rkThere can be no doubt about the fact that my favourite character remains the grandpa played by Rishi Kapoor – the masterstroke actor.

It was engaging yet felt like we have lived this. We have all had that fight or that talk. The sibling rivalry, parental fights and amid all the chaos finding our calm to enjoy that perfect moment when it does show up.


Growing up in such a family has its share of impacts, and whats more is that  we even take it along with us for the rest of our lives. I would say my family does qualify the kind of families I have mentioned above, sans the laughter tracks, Ha!

There are worser kinds where it leaves the kids with traumatic effects such as those depicted in August: Osage County; what a wonderful performance by Meryl Streep and the whole cast! The relationship between Benedict Cumberbatch and his mother is just heart wrenching. The ones Meryl has with her daughters is both disturbing and a bit funny. But its so real and it happens.

So what is family and do we need family? Apparently this institution of family was started because the males wanted to pass on their wealth and intangibles to someone down their line and as a slave prospect started this ‘Familia’ which is nothing like what todays family represent and included household servants.

How many horror stories do we read in the news about how family members kill each other or abuse each other or sabotage each other for wealth or power? In fact every day I read about either a son killing his whole family out of vengeance or a father abusing his daughter. Don’t even start with Domestic Abuse cases. So is this what family is meant for? To control each other so much that you destroy the very thing you have in life?

I don’t think family has a longterm value considering every person starts his own family and the previous ones become obsolete and its an ongoing pattern. I guess its just the way of nature is.

For me, Family is support but I have seen families where they pull each other down, like crabs. Especially Indian families, I think they are afraid and insecure. Don’t go up the ladder cause we didn’t. Family is supposed to encourage everyone part of it to reach their potential but I feel sometimes it is the very family that holds you back.

Am a single child but yet I have been pitched against other kids to compete with for no reason. It always effects you cause you are constantly comparing yourself to others no matter what you have achieved. I think that should be stopped cause everyone is unique and nobody can replace the other. Maybe Family had a disturbing origin but I think its up to us to give it the proper rendition it deserves.

So what are your family quirks? Share your (‘funny’) family experiences!



Why do we Blog and Should You?


To begin with there are lots of blogs on the internet. Some are for business, some are personal, yet there are those who use it in private and one’s that are used for promotional purposes.

The reason I use blogging is for a creative outlet. I love writing. For me it is therapeutic just like cooking/baking is for others (I do love baking). Anyhoo, it is always important to know why we blog.

There are many who have made blogging as a career and kudos to them right. It isn’t easy to be inspired everyday and actually sit and write something. Give it a try and you will know what I mean.

I constantly ask myself this question – why am I blogging? I need to keep reminding myself that I love sharing what I have to say cause otherwise keeping a private journal will do too. You don’t really have to blog just cause you like writing alone.

I love reading other peoples views. Sharing and understanding their point of views. Its what makes the blogging community so wonderful to be a part off. It’s like a little world of our own.

A blog can be about anything. Business, hobbies, some talent/skill that you have. You can always create a platform for yourself before the world comes to know of you. These days, YouTube plays a huge role in advancing ones talent cause lets face it far more people spend their time browsing videos than they do blogs. It is easier to get your attention and you don’t have to spend your energy reading something.

Thankfully, there are still people out there who like to read and jot things down. Blogging is as relevant today as it was when it first started.

images3.jpegSo that brings me to the question of should you blog? Yes and I mean why not? It is a great way to share what you think, your opinions and to inspire others. These days we even have Quora or Twitter to make your views heard but I find it to be quiet shallow and not really helpful in the longterm.

One needs to be clear on why they are making a point and what it means to them. Just typing 140 characters doesn’t bail you out. And Quora is a closed community. You can only view them if you are a member and yet the questions are very rhetoric mostly, but yes there are many helpful ones – no doubt about that.

But one has to understand that blogging is a completely different platform and no one else can provide what it does. Your own unique voice and that matters. Some of the things one must consider if you do decide to blog is that:

  • Be consistent – Nobody likes to follow a blog where random posts about random topics are made. At least try to find your own niche/passion before you start blogging and post twice or more in a week.


  • It is a great way to keep writing. For writers it is a boon. You can always share what you write, gain feedback and improve yourself. There is no better way to have an engaging reader base than blogging.


  • Among many things maintaining a blog is a healthy habit. It can lead to discipline. More coherency in your ideas and even inspire others to become a better version of themselves. Besides its free and who knows what adventures it can lead you to.


So yeah, there you have it. Three simple reasons on if you should blog. I know many who try and give up early and thats cause you set such a high bar right from the beginning. It is not a race and there is no finish line here. Take your time, enjoy the process, unleash your creativity and just have fun.

Share your experience on blogging!